Fanciful Fables

All the answers to happiness
Are a lie!
A single kiss
Dying as if it were said.
Bluish stone loneliness
Reviews us with
Windchime chanting promises
Philosophy that puts us to sleep
Lullabies submitting us to slumber
And other things will die – the heart.
In a field overgrown
Colours bleed artistically
The trees growth
Is a prayer
Paper lonely poems drawing God’s
In damp breath’s
And I, watch the tree’s prayers
Survival dawning autumn hues
Bleeding jazz notes
That I tilt my mouth towards.
This is how I caress the earths survival
Remembering the memento
Cupping the hiatus in my hands
And carrying the remains
To the pilgrim heart.
How easy we are made homeless.
All the ways to death
Carefully pillaged truths!


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